Nate The Great And The Mushy Valentine


Best of nate the great and the mushy valentine is the best choice Images at praise for the nate the great series kids will like nate the great school library journal starred review a consistently entertaining series booklist loose humorous chalk and watercolor spots help turn this beginning reader into a pageturner publishers weekly nate sludge and all their friends have been delighting beginning readers for years, nate the great is a series of more than two dozen childrens detective stories written by marjorie weinman sharmatalternatively nate the great is the main character and title character of the series a boy detective sharmat and illustrator marc simont inaugurated the series in 1972 with nate the great a 60page book published by coward mccann geoghegan and simont illustrated the first , nate the great when nate gets an urgent call from annie about a lost picture he immediately plunges into his new and baffling case with the cool detachment of a sam spade, 06 nate the great and the missing key 380l august 15 1982 round safe shiny big 한 곳 에서 annie의 잃어버린 key를 찾을 수 있다 기묘한 매력의 rosamund가 nate에게 추리하라고 만든 사건ㅋㅋ 결국 fang의 목걸이에 걸려있었다

Nate Is Late POP 2018 07 07 1515

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